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Open Government

City of Toronto Open Government

Description: ” Open Government is about improving the delivery of services, making information more accessible and supporting initiatives that build public trust in government. It is guided by four principles of transparency, participation, accountability, and accessibility and supported by three pillars of Open Data, Open Information, and Open Engagement. ” Source (URL): https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/accountability-operations-customer-service/get-involved-how-government-works/open-government/ Date: 2019 (frequent updates)

Open Government Ontario

Description: ” We’re creating a more open and transparent government by sharing our data and information, and consulting with the people of Ontario. “ Source (URL): https://www.ontario.ca/page/open-government Date: 2019 (Frequent updates)

Open Government Partnership

Description: “an organization of reformers inside and outside of government, working to transform how government serves its citizens. ” ” Seventy-nine countries and a growing number of local governments—representing more than two billion people—along with thousands of civil society organizations are members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). “ Source (URL): https://www.opengovpartnership.org/ Date: 2019 (continually …

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