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This website is an Alpha version (minimal function & sample content) and WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to make it better. Please provide your comments on design, functionality and type of content.  We will be providing a different form for submitting additional content later.

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  1. This is a great project! We use Socrata for our Open Data Portal. Socrata has fixed meta-data fields that are common across all of their hosted sites, making automated indexing of datasets possible within OurOpenHub. I’m sure other open data host platforms could also be automatically indexed this way too. A bit like the web was indexed in the past, people could submit open data sites to OurOpenHub, which then indexes them.

    I spend quite some time trying to find open data from other sub-national jurisdictions. Simply having a list of open data sites would be a huge benefit – and very easy to implement.

  2. Hard to see the menus since they are in a black font and hidden in the banner image. I didn’t realize there was a menu there until the text changed color as my mouse passed over them.

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